The urban fabric of America is designed to keep people isolated and feeling like there’s no real community outside, and nowhere to go if they want to demonstrate. You’re supposed to drive from destination to destination and ignore everyone around you who isn’t part of your immediate circle. It renders you compliant and powerless..

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Beautiful 20:20 hindsight. You happy and you so damn glad you were brave right now.You know where this road leads. If it not where you want to be going, get off the damn track. The best memories from the dozen or so entrees? One, from the Agricultural South menu, is the aforementioned buttermilk fried chicken, moist beneath its garlic and paprika spiked skin. Another highlight is hermes replica cuff the oyster pan roast, from the North States menu. Made to order, the dish gathers tender oysters in a cream sauce fueled with white wine, plus chili sauce and Tabasco for zip and color.

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