Inside the secret luxury survival bunkers for millionaires

canada goose sale uk innovationdesignTHESE luxurious underground apartments feature a pool, theatre and even a shooting range. They can also withstand a nuclear apocalypse. But they’ll cost you. canada goose sale uk

Meet Larry Hall, the developer building an underground safe haven, fit to Canada Goose online survive the deadliest challenges facing the planet. It looks pretty canada goose clearance sale comfortable, right? Picture: Courtesy Larry buy canada goose jacket cheap HallSource:Supplied

And if you think you got a chance of getting your hands on one, think again, because you will need at least a spare $1.72 million.

canada goose outlet toronto location For those who are ready and able to spend a cheap canada goose little more, $5.1m will give you even more bang for your buck and a lot more space in which to survive a disaster in true style. canada goose outlet toronto location

Anyone lucky enough to get a key to Canada Goose Parka a unit in the former Atlas Missile Silo in rural Kansas will be able to canada goose coats survive a nuclear apocalypse in absolute luxury.

canada goose freestyle vest uk The silo stack featuring apartments, gym and movie theatre among other things. Picture: Courtesy Larry cheap canada goose uk HallSource:Supplied canada goose freestyle vest uk

The complex, which can keep around 70 people alive for five years, also features a vegetable garden, 25,000 gallon water tank, generator, general store, wind turbine and even uk canada goose outlet a room for minor surgery.

There also a climbing wall and gym for exercise, and a dog walking area.

Residents will be protected by military grade security, biometric locks and walls up to 2.7m thick, more than 53m underground.

The development comes complete with many features, including a theatre, shooting range and dog walking area. Picture: canada goose store Courtesy Larry HallSource:Supplied

Mr Hall would not elaborate on specific security details, but added the complex had military grade security that encompassed both lethal and nonlethal measures to ensure the safety of the residents and the facility no matter what the threat if there is some sort of apocalyptic disaster, then don Canada Goose sale worry because the complex has its own water supply, with a 75,000 gallon reserve tank buy canada goose jacket and an air filtration system capable of withstanding nuclear, biological or chemical attacks.

canada goose outlet in uk Mr Hall told KMOV that from an investment point of Canada Goose Outlet view, it was better than life insurance and he had received expressions of interest from all over the world. canada goose outlet in uk

canada goose sale uk mens Good luck getting in. Picture: Courtesy Larry HallSource:Supplied canada goose sale uk mens

Apartments in one of the former silo two buildings have already sold out, and construction in the second is currently underway.

canada goose clearance sale Mr Hall stressed his clients were not your typical nuts but rather they are educated and well to do individuals who simply want peace of mind in the event of a natural or man made disaster. certainly no doubt about that of mind part. canada goose clearance sale

The exact location of the silo is top secret. Picture: Courtesy Larry HallSource:Supplied

Mr Hall said his secure Luxury Survival Condo and Resort was one of the strongest man made structures ever created.

canada goose womens uk sale The bunker walls are made from epoxy hardened concrete. It was built back in the 1960s at the height of the Cold War to house and protect the Atlas Nuclear Missiles. canada goose womens uk sale

Mr Hall added that while it was designed to withstand a nuclear blast, he and his clients actually shared concerns about many potential man made or natural disasters, including the canada goose uk black friday breakdown of society or extreme civil unrest.

You’ll never need to leave, everything is here. Even potted trees. Picture: Courtesy Larry HallSource:Supplied.

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