Trudeau wants Norman affair to disappear

Justin Trudeau Liberals really don want to talk about the Mark Norman trial canada goose outlet online and they are doing what they can to stop the media from talking about it as well.

At the start of Question Period on Monday the Conservatives asked six questions in English on the Norman trial and the fiasco that surrounds it and had five of those questions Canada Goose online answered in canada goose outlet uk French.

When Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen stood up and asked if the prime goose canada goose uk black friday outlet canada minister would appear before the Commons defence committee to answer questions, the minister of national revenue stood to answer.

In canada goose black friday sale French.

First off, what does the minister in charge of revenue have to do with the attempted prosecution of one of Canada highest ranking military members?

The answer is of course nothing.

Why is she answering in French? To kill the chances that the English TV and radio stations will use what is said in their broadcasts. The normal protocol in the Canada Goose Jackets House of Commons is that the question is answered in the canada goose outlet language it is asked in.

David Lametti, the attorney general canada goose outlet shop and man in charge of this file, could have answered in either language. Instead the unilingual Francophone with no connection to the canada goose outlet store uk case, Diane Lebouthillier was put up to answer.

Her response was to say any claim of political interference in the Norman canada goose outlet black friday trial is false.

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The Liberals are desperate buy canada goose jacket cheap to get that message out and are relying on a single quote from Norman defence lawyer Marie Henein who said after the charges were stayed that the decision was independent of political interference.

decision to stay this prosecution was discretion exercised official canada goose outlet by canada goose uk shop prosecutors, she said.

That is what the Liberals want you to remember, not her previous claim that the prosecution was politically motivated.

Henein not canada goose outlet only claimed political interference in the prosecution before the charges were stayed, she and her team presented emails showing the Privy Council Office coordinating trial strategy with the prosecution.

much for the independence canada goose outlet uk sale of the PPSC, declared Judge Heather Perkins McVey at the time.

There were also claims of Trudeau office coaching witnesses, withholding key documents vital for the trial including Norman own emails.

is it that Gerald Butts got his old texts and emails within days of quitting, but Vice Admiral Norman has waited a year and a half? asked New Democrat MP Tracey Ramsey in the House.

In response to all of this the Liberals are like the scene in the Wizard of Oz where you are told to ignore the man behind the curtain and believe their claims canada goose outlet reviews rather than what you see canada goose outlet store with your own eyes.

Having been caught trying to interfere with a criminal trial with SNC Lavalin, where Canada Goose Parka they tried to help a friendly company escape charges, the Liberals can afford to being found guilty in the court of public Canada Goose Coats On Sale opinion in another case of judicial interference.

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